Jungle Jumparoo Net Worth 2023, Founder, Shark Tank Deal (Updated)

A kid's toy brand focused on keeping children active and safe during their play is called Jungle Jumparoo. The Jungle Jumparoo is a great place for your children to have fun. Jungle Jumparoo is more than a toy, it is a tool for people with special needs and people with sensory impairments.

Company name Jungle Jumparoo
Founder Rachel and Steve McMurtrey
Product  Trampoline and jungle jumparoo play set
Headquarters United States of America
Official website junglejumparoo.com
Jungle Jumparoo Net Worth $1M-$2M (Last Updated 2023)


Jungle Jumparoo Net Worth

It is believed that the net worth of Jungle Jumparoo is between $1 million and $2 million.


Founder’s story

Jungle Jumparoo was founded by Rachel and Steve McMurtrey. Originally, the Jungle Jumparoo was built by a farmer from Rachel's hometown, who built variations of the swing, climb, and jump toy and sold them locally. The farmer who invented the product died before they could contact him, so they took over the project of their own. In order to start the business, the founders had to invest over $150,000 of their own money. Steve and Rachel don't have to take on another job because they devote themselves to the company.


Jungle Jumparoo Shark Tank Deal

A married couple from Utah, Rachel and Steve McMurtrey, appeared on the ABC show Shark Tank. According to them, Jungle Jumparoo will make a splash in the toys industry, replacing trampolines with something safer. A pitch for a better way to bounce was presented by Rachel and Steve McMurtery, who were looking for $100,000 for a 20% stake in their business. In addition to their online sales, they also do a roadshow at Sam's Clubs nationwide. 1,200 units were sold, according to their estimate.


What Happened to Jungle Jumparoo After Shark Tank Deal?

Even though Jungle Jumparoo didn't strike a deal with any sharks on Shark Tank, they seem to be doing well. They sell the Jungle Jumparoo at the same price for both large and small, as well as a variety of clothing, accessories, and sprinkler systems. According to Jungle Jumparoo's website, over 100 customers have left 5/5 star ratings.