Usually the latest xiaomi, such as the xiaomi redmi 5 or Xiaomi redmi 5 plus when you want to unlock the bootloader / UBL there must be an error 86006 . Even though I have received an SMS agreement to unlock the bootloader. It is possible that other types of xiaomi also experience Error 86006 .

If it's still under warranty, TAM is definitely still using miui global stable. That's what most likely caused this Error 86006. Then what is the solution to overcome this error?.

How to Overcome Error 86006 Xiaomi When Unlocking Bootloader

After I browse here and there the results get the way. You can follow the method below

Xiaomi Error 86006 Solution When UBL
Guess the error 86006 looks like this



Make sure you use the Chinese Developer ROM, okay? You can download the rom and replace it according to your xiaomi type.
If this method fails, your ROM is a fake rom. The way to do this is to use Miflash.
After that, do a Factory format or factory reset via the settings menu. My advice is to do a backup of important data, you are afraid that the data will be lost.
After flashing and doing the factory format later, after turning it back on, it will enter setup wizard mode.
At this stage you MUST press YES or OK entirely.
After entering the homescreen, then Install VPN Chin a, you can download the application here and do the application.
Go to the developer menu .
Tick ​​USB debugging -> Enter Mi Unlock Status and Log In using your Mi account.
Done . By now the error 86006 should not reappear.
Oh yeah, try in the UBL process, your battery is above 50%, right.

If the above method fails, it is usually influenced by the xiaomi server itself. Yes, their server is being disrupted the reason is the traffic is too much. If it fails, during the UBL process, it is better to do it at midnight.