Robert Plaster Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Career 2023 (Updated)

Robert Plaster started buying and flipping homes when he was twelve years old, and later started an IT consulting company. Meditech became the top healthcare tech company to be listed on Wall Street after he sold his share of the company. plaster family net worth Detaisl are here

Full Name Robert Plaster
Date of Birth 1949
Age 74 (as of 2023)
Country of Birth Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Profession Businessman
Robert Plaster Net Worth $5 Billion (Last Updated 2023)


Robert Plaster Net Worth

Robert Plaster earned $5 billion in his lifetime as a successful businessman. Robert Plaster has made a lot of money from his business ventures, but these days he's focused on inventing new technologies that could transform our world. Given the impressive advances in technology, it is understandable that he invests in software development companies.

Robert Plaster’s success

Robert Plaster has been associated with natural gas exploration for a long time. He became involved in the field at an early stage, when he joined the Gulf Oil Company, which went on to become one of the most prominent oil companies in the world. Robert steered Gulf into partnerships with companies from the Middle East that were able to get them access to enormous natural gas reserves.

Concerns about increased US energy dependence on countries like Saudi Arabia were raised by these moves. Although the United States produces over half of the fossil fuels it consumes, it imports less than 20% of them. The merger of Gulf and Chevron created the second- largest oil company in the world, and he was still the company's chairman at that time.


He moved to Texas to pursue a career in natural gas exploration after growing up in the coal country of Pennsylvania. Gulf Oil Company gave him a lot of experience, leading campaigns all over Eastern Europe during the Cold War.

Fame and Work

  • Robert Plaster holds the position of Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board at CITGO Petroleum Corporation. It’s been his job since 1990. Previously, the company was called Cities Service Company. In 1984, Gulf Oil merged with the company to form an oil company in Texas that specializes in refining and exploration.
  •  After graduating from Rice University with honors, Robert Plaster joined Citgo’s financial division.
  •  As Hernan Gomez was running for Mayor of Houston in 1985, Mr Plaster was his campaign treasurer, which contributed to Gomez winning the election.
  •  When he took over the leadership of Citgo, his first priority was to increase safety at their plants by reducing their personal exposure to hazardous materials using technological control mechanisms that include enclosing tanks and utilizing the newest technology to monitor possible leaks.

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