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The current Prime Minister of Pakistan is a former Pakistani International Cricketer, politician, commentator, writer, philanthropist, and also known as IK or the Lion Of Lahore. Wazir-E-Azam is the title he is known as in Pakistan. His full name is Khan Niazi and he is from Pakistan. He was born in Pakistan on the 5th of October 1952.


The only child of his parents, Imran Khan has more than one sister. He was very shy and quiet when he was a young boy. Imran Khan was raised by his four sisters in an upper-middle class background. He is a member of the Pashtun tribe and maternally, he is the descendant of the Sufi Poet-pir Roshan.

Full Name Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi HI PP
Net Worth (2022) $50 Million
Net Worth Rs. 390 Crore INR
Born: 5 October 1952 (69 Years old)
Location Lahore, Pakistan
Height: 1.88 m
Spouse: Bushra Bibi (m. 2018), Reham Khan (m. 2014–2015), 
Jemima Goldsmith (m. 1995–2004)
Education: Keble College (1972–1975), RGS Worcester, Aitchison College
Last Test‎: 2 January 1992 v Sri Lanka
Political party‎: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


Imran Khan Assets:

The 300 Kanal Mansion is worth 750 million US dollars and is in Islamabad. It is the permanent residence of an individual. He is the owner of a house that is worth 29 million US dollars. The furniture livestock and farmhouses are worth about 0.8 million US dollars. These provide good revenue for him. He's invested in a variety of businesses. He has the rights to the agricultural lands.



He was educated in Pakistan and then in England, where he excelled at playing cricket. Keble College and Oxford University were where he studied economics, politics and philosophy. His cricketing career can be seen in the picture. He started playing cricket at the age of 13 and made his debut at the age of 16 in Lahore for his home team. During the 70s, he played cricket for a number of teams in England, including Dawood Industries, Pakistan International Airlines, and County cricket.

Political career:

The founding of the political party, Pakistan tehreeke-Insaaf (PTI), took place in 1996. Initially, he lost the elections but as time went by, he became more and more popular among the public because of his genuine efforts from Pakistan's development and his outspoken nature.


Frequently asked question:

What is the name if Imran khan’s book

Imran: the Autobiography of Imran Khan with Patrick Murphy.

How many children does Imran have?

Imran has three Children

How many times has Imran got married?

He has got married thrice.

How much is Imran Khan’s net worth?

Imran Khan’s net worth is around $50 million (Rs. 390 crore).