Cup Board Pro Net Worth 2023; What Happened after Shark Tank Deal?

Cup board Pro is a cutting board that has a waste collector attached to it. TheBamboo is used for the construction of the board, which is equipped with a cup that can be used for leftovers The Cup Board Pro was the brainchild of a late firefighter. Two times, he won on the cooking competition show, Chopped.

Company name Cup Board Pro
Product Cutting Board With Waste Collector
Founder Late fire-fighter Keith Young
Shark Tank Deal $20,000 from all five Sharks
Cup Board Pro Net Worth $15 million (Last Updated 2023)


Cup Board Pro Net Worth


Cup Board Pro will be worth an estimated fifteen million dollars by the year 2023, according to our estimates calculation team.

Who are the Founders of Cup Board Pro?

Although Kaley, Christian, and Keira pitched their startup company called Cup Board Pro on Shark Tank, it was really their late father Keith who invented the product.

Keith created a tool in 2010 to make cleanup easier. He developed the Tool to help people in New York City remove kitchen messes quicker.

It was after a year that production was canceled, not before.

Beth passed away in 2012. Keith joined the Cooking Channel’s competition, "Chopped".

He has won many trophies, including two NFL championships and the Super Bowl.


Cup Board Pro Shark Tank Pitch


This award-winning young family pitch was one of the most moving pitches that have ever been presented on this show.

After their father died, they described how their mother died from cancer.


Taking their father’s product to market, the Young children requested $100 000 to make it available to food lovers worldwide.

More money was given to them than they expected. They didn't get a single Shark investment, but instead received offers from all five of them. Each of them offered them $20,000 to invest.


They donated all of their profits to a charity that helps sick firefighters. That's a very unusual thing to do.

The agreement was made when the three young kids agreed to the terms of the deal.

What Happened to Cup Board Pro After Shark Tank Deal?

Within minutes of their Shark Tank episode airing, all their stock had sold out.

About 100,000 emails were received from customers who were interested in purchasing their cutting boards.

In 2019, the company sold 20,000 units and earned over $1 million in sales.

This was followed by a partnership with Williams-Sonoma, Inc., to continue production and advertising.

Williams-Sonoma makes high-quality kitchenware, but the best selling product they make is their Cup Board Pro.

The company reported 3 million in revenue for its most recent annual report.

This company is worth $15 million.